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Real Estate Investment & Aquisition

Its no secret that real estate is one of the best investments you can make.  Whether its a primary residence or a shopping mall, real estate can be a key part of long-term financial success.


Cottage Consulting Corp specializes in helping clients with both personal and investment real estate.  We service clients with both residential or commercial properties, in all areas of the country.


Whether you're thinking about buying that first home, or exchanging a commercial property you've held for 20 years, Cottage Consulting Corp can help you plan and achieve your goals with the best possible tax and financial outcome.  


Personal Home Ownership can benefit you by:


  • Mortgage interest and property tax deduction on your income tax returns

  • Portion of your payment builds equity in the home

  • Appreciation and possible income tax free gain on the sale of your primary residence

  • Often times less expensive than renting, especially in a major metropolitan center


Real estate investing benefits from:


  • Both current income cash flow as well as future appreciation

  • Tax-favored income treatment due to depreciation deduction

  • The ability to sell and reinvest in different properties with no income recognition


We have a wide range of professionals that we work with and can find the right team for your needs.

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